Social Security recipients projected to receive 6% increase next year

With inflation on the rise, Social Security recipients will get a raise next year. The question is, how much? The latest estimate from The Senior Citizens League, an advocacy group, predicts a cost of living adjustment (COLA) of between 6% and 6.1%. The estimate came as the latest consumer price index data was released Tuesday. The increase

The Jobes are thrilled to be here

Ruth and Randall Jobe moved to Friends Homes West on Valentine’s Day in 2020. Less than a month later, the pandemic caused the community to shut down much of the social activities and dining rooms. But that turned out to have a silver lining. Although it was a hard time to move, the pause in

Friends Homes Capital Campaign building “Bridges to the Future”

The Capital Campaign for Friends Homes has already gotten a fast start toward reaching its goal, both financially and physically. Sarah Barker, our Associate Director of Development, shares how the campaign is allowing the community to more fully achieve its mission. The campaign’s goal, through charitable giving, initially started out to raise $1 million. Eighty

5 Ways to Avoid Exercise Injuries After 50

While staying safe at a gym took on a whole new meaning during the pandemic, if you’re thinking about getting back to a fitness regimen this summer, you’ll be wise to consider the more pedestrian dangers involving treadmills and bench presses — especially if you’re over 50. Exercise-related visits to the ER topped 107,000 for those

How to Use a Slew of New Closed Caption Tools

Perhaps it’s late at night; you’re watching a video online or listening to a podcast and need to have the sound on your computer low so you won’t disturb the person in another room trying to sleep. Did you know that you now can turn on “live captions” to read what’s on the screen for

Circle of Friends: Older Adults’ Friendships Linked to Stronger Emotional Well-Being

A recent study published in The Journals of Gerontology highlighted how everyday contact with friends may be linked to higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction in later years. Specifically, the study examined whether encounters with friends over the course of the day resulted in more pleasantness, less discussion about stressful experiences, and better mood, compared to

Diana Clark shares a lifetime of art

Art has been part of Diana Clark’s life for as long as she can remember. And the 16-year Friends Homes resident still creates new works of art as often as she can. Her apartment in Friends Homes Guilford is a treasure trove of her paintings along with works by other artists. Over the years, she

Exercise helps reduce cognitive decline in older consumers, study finds

A new study conducted by researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center explored the brain benefits associated with getting regular exercise. According to their findings, exercise led to better blood flow to the brain for older consumers with mild cognitive impairment (MCI).   “This is part of a growing body of evidence linking exercises with brain health,” said researcher Rong Zhang, Ph.D. “We’ve shown for the

Are Today’s Seniors “Younger” Than Previous Generations?

You’ve heard the phrase, “You’re only as old as you feel.” There is mounting evidence that, to a large extent, this cliché isn’t too far off. In several different studies, researchers have explored the difference between people’s chronological age (their age based on the number of trips they’ve made around the sun) and their subjective

Wyn Hrdlicka is living a full life.

At 82, you might think Wyn Hrdlicka is ready to slow down. However, one look at her schedule and you know she has no plans to take it easy any time soon. “I just got back from class,” says Wyn. “One of my students dropped me off.” The class Wyn is referring to is a

What Does Romance Mean to You During a Pandemic?

What defines a romantic gesture is as distinctive as any relationship. Sweeping gestures of love may be important to some couples, but everyday kindnesses might be the language of affection for others. This Valentine’s Day, amid a pandemic, many people are putting more stock in celebrating the simple pleasures of being with someone they love. Here’s a

Open communication keeps vaccinations going smoothly

Ted Lide is feeling good, not just about his health, but about how well the Friends Homes community is protecting staff and residents from COVID-19. As current president of the residents’ association at Friends Homes West, Ted offered his take on the effort to get residents vaccinated as well as what life has been like

8 Easy Steps to a More Organized Home

We love to think about decluttering and organizing. But we don’t always love to do it. Last year, people binge-watched The Home Edit on Netflix to see pantries and bookshelves organized in a rainbow of colors and messy garages and bedrooms transformed. In the past, people have Marie Kondo–ed their closets and drawers by tossing items that don’t

Want to Avoid Fraud? Start by Getting Your Eyes and Ears Checked

Older people who have been victims of financial exploitation have much poorer hearing and marginally weaker eyesight than those who have not been ripped off, a new study out of the University of Southern California found. However, what’s encouraging to lead investigator Duke Han, a psychologist and professor at the university’s Keck School of Medicine,

Extra Credit: The Cognitive Benefits of Lifelong Learning for Older Adults

What happens when older adults go back to school? Researchers investigated the cognitive benefits of coursework for older adults in a study that earned a 2020 Silver Innovative Research on Aging Award. In two interventions, researchers examined how learning multiple real-world skills impacts older adults’ cognitive health. The aim was to mimic the course load of

Hungry for more? Dining enhancements at Friends Homes are on the way.

The much-anticipated expansion at Friends Homes will give existing and future residents a bigger menu of amenities from which to choose. According to Alex Perez, Hospitality Director for the community, he means that quite literally when it comes to the community’s dining options.  “The key with Friends Homes is how we balance our dining options

Wellness is On the Rise at Friends Homes

Teresa Cox is full of energy and ideas. As director of wellness at Friends Homes, she has spent 20 years developing and continually evolving the programs and activities available to residents. And she couldn’t be more excited for what’s coming next. That’s because the upcoming expansion at Friends Homes will include a new, upgraded wellness

More Workers Turn to Freelancing Full-Time During the Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic caused widespread unemployment and layoffs this year, more people turned to full-time freelance work as a way to earn, according to a new survey. Freelance is the term used to describe the variety of ways people can work outside of traditional employment. These include side jobs people do in addition to their regular

Friends Homes Breaks Ground on $67 Million Expansion

GREENSBORO, N.C. (July 31, 2020) – Friends Homes has broken ground on a $67 million expansion of its two campuses in Greensboro, Friends Homes Guilford and Friends Homes West. The project will offer more amenities and add 140 new residents to the community. “With this expansion, Friends Homes is making a significant investment in furthering

The Expansion is Taking Off at Friends Homes

As our virtual groundbreaking gets ready to take place on July 31st, Susan Brewer, Director of Sales and Marketing at Friends Homes provides an update on the upcoming expansion projects for our Guilford and West campuses. “We’ve been at a standstill for obvious reasons,” says Susan. “We had hoped to have had ‘meet and greets’

How to Avoid Injury When Exercising at Home

For most people, exercising during the pandemic has meant exercising at home. What it also has meant, according to fitness trainers and physical therapists: things like strained muscles from warriorlike weightlifting in the basement; sprained ankles from extra-long hikes; and something called “jumper’s knee,” the result of sudden and enthusiastic participation in high-impact exercise video

Interest in Puzzles Soars, Along with Sales

At home just outside Orlando, Florida, Rhonda Camen has a stockpile of about 100 jigsaw puzzles. At the rate she’s going, she figures that should last her until the end of the year. Camen, who retired about a year and a half ago, picked up puzzling as a hobby to keep her mind active and

The Coxes Are Coming Home

Jonathan and Emille Cox have always known they’d end up at Friends Homes. And as future residents of the community’s upcoming expansion, they can’t wait to make the move. “We’ve always known it was where we wanted to be,” says Jonathan. “As soon as the expansion popped up, we jumped right on it.” The couple

What Is Modern Technology and How Is It Changing?

Technological advances are about much more than the new electric car from Tesla or autonomous vehicles by Mercedes. It is much more than just advanced wrist jewelry from Apple and fitness trackers that can tell you what you ate two weeks ago. For senior people, technological change can mean the difference between dependency and independence.

Olive Oil: Your Pantry’s Secret to a Longer Life

In normal times, Italians outlive Americans by an average of four years. But in the Sicani Mountain region of Sicily, marked by rolling hills covered with olive trees, the locals live past 100 at a rate more than four times greater than Italy as a whole. Sicani Mountain villagers eat a Mediterranean diet, snacking on olives

Expert Advice on Daily Activities During Coronavirus Crisis

With the news about coronavirus changing rapidly, it’s difficult to know how to go about your daily routine. What was considered acceptable behavior — or even possible — three days ago may not be an option any longer. As restrictions on public gatherings are announced and business closings continue, people need to weigh the risks of engaging

Secret Service Warns: Cybercriminals Exploiting Coronavirus Fears

The U.S. Secret Service is warning that cybercriminals are trying to steal from people using several scams tied to the coronavirus pandemic.  “As more and more people have tested positive for coronavirus, we’ve seen an increase in the number of scams that are occurring,” says Special Agent Chris McMahon, who spoke to AARP in an interview on Monday. 

Gary and Susan Dent Are Back Where It All Began, Almost 

After 15 years of enjoying retirement on the shores of W. Kerr Scott Reservoir in Wilkes County, Susan and Gary Dent are happy to be back in Greensboro and enjoying all the activities and friendly faces at Friends Homes.  This area has always been special to the couple, who have been married for over 58

Social Butterflies & Couch Potatoes: How Older Adults’ Health is Affected by Their Partner’s Activities

Recent research examined the activities of older couples to understand the link between activities and health, with a focus on the relationship between partner activities and individuals’ health. Using data from the longitudinal and nationally representative Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey, researchers utilized a sample of over 1,500 couples living in

Top 10 Moments From AARP’s Movies for Grownups Awards Show

AARP’s Movies for Grownups Awards Saturday in Beverly Hills, California was full of big stars making memorable moments as they accepted and presented honors for films made in 2019. Conan O’Brien’s tribute to his friend of three decades, Adam Sandler, became an impromptu comedy show. O’Brien presented Sandler with the best actor award for his