An Active Lifestyle and Peace of Mind

An LPC can give you the best of both worlds — an active, engaged lifestyle now and peace of mind for the future.

A Life Plan Community, or LPC, is considered by many to be an ideal form of retirement living. LPCs typically offer independent living in private apartment or cottage homes as well as on-site healthcare services including assisted living, skilled nursing care and, often, memory care for those facing the challenges of dementia. Friends Homes offers all of these living options and services.

One of the biggest advantages of a LPC is the lifestyle. With a LPC, you have the opportunity to move into a community while you are still healthy and independent enough to enjoy all of the activities and amenities. In fact, after moving to a LPC, residents often say they wish they had moved in sooner so that they could take full advantage of everything the community offers.

Another significant benefit of choosing a LPC is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will be cared for in that same community should your needs ever change. If you need assisted living, skilled nursing, or memory care in the future, you will be able to remain in the community you have chosen, surrounded by the friends, neighbors, and staff you have already come to know and trust. Your family will have peace of mind, too, knowing that they will never be forced to make a rushed decision about your care in a crisis situation.

For couples, a LPC is an especially attractive option. If the health of one spouse changes, he or she can receive needed healthcare right on campus, remaining close to the spouse who stays in independent living.

We invite you to visit us and take a personal tour to discover if the LPC lifestyle at Friends Homes is right for you. To schedule a convenient time, please call us at 336-369-4313.